Explainer videos are a staple component of your marketing strategy. They help provide a high-level overview of a product, typically in an animation-style video that helps to reduce the technical jargon. Instead, these videos portray how the product or service helps your target audience, with a focus on quality.

Explainer videos are guides as much as they are there to sell the product or service. They give a clear story that helps relate to your target audience’s pain points. Besides being relatable, they provide a lasting impression that will keep your company at the forefront when making purchasing decisions. 

Besides working on getting a creative brief with you, we build out a storyboard. Eventually, we combine this with animation and sound as a final draft known as an animatic. This helps to ensure we’ve captured the essence and overall message of the video you’re looking for. 
Storyboarding helps to provide a roadmap of what the explainer video will look like. Every video, including the explainer video, will come with a storyboard, which helps with the layout of the video. This design phase helps to save a lot of time and resources, and we can move forward once we get your approval.